Investment Methodology

Determining Market Direction is the most important element of successful investing. We have a proven system of timing the market developed over 25 years.  Our winning system is reliable, time-tested, disciplined and is based on technical analysis. Our methodology is designed to keep us invested in every major uptrend and be in cash during every major downtrend. We remain very enthusiastic when it comes to calling market tops and market bottoms.

When our indicators are on a buy signal, we typically remain invested in a concentrated portfolio of individual stocks. We concentrate in a small basket of stocks at a time because over concentration dilutes performance. When our indicators are on a sell signal we stay in cash or short individual stocks.  Stock selection is a very rigorous process. We screen the entire database of stocks trading on all the major exchanges. We use CANSLIM to identify potential leading stocks to invest in. Our stock screens are run weekly to keep current on all the latest trends and company developments. Generally our stocks have a catalyst such as a great earnings report with raised guidance by Wall Street analysts. Of course, other catalysts could be new management, new products, new potential markets, etc. (See CANSLIM).

Darvas Investment Management LLC website is not inclined to provide any specific type of financial advice. This site specifically is designed for information only and should not be construed as an offer to buy or sale any individual securities.