Roy Mattox

roy-077Roy Mattox graduated from Louisiana State University with an MBA degree concentrating in Finance in 1985.  After working as a credit analyst for several years with a large bank holding company in Houston,  he transferred to the Capital Markets Division. That’s where he began to love and understand the investment process and the meaningful difference a competent advisor could make.

Roy achieved a prominent role as a Vice President of Investments while employed by A.G. Edwards & Sons from 1989-1995 in Louisiana. As a Chairman’s Council producer, he helped his clients achieve and maintain their financial independence using a well thought out, common sense approach. Roy conducted retirement seminars for many Fortune 500 corporations focused on providing a full range of financial services.

In 1995, Roy relocated to Charlotte, NC.  During this time, Roy focused primarily on managing money  on a discretionary basis for high net worth individuals. After 5 years as a successful  Senior Vice President at Paine Webber, he departed to manage his own private investments.

Since 2001, Roy has exclusively traded his own personal investment account.

The generational bear market that occurred from 2007-2009 provided an excellent backdrop in which Roy made a very meaningful financial impact for selected private investors. His approach is quite unorthodox as he believes the most successful strategy to build wealth is not by the old traditional Wall St. way of buying and holding.  For the last 20 years, Wall St. firms have pressured their salesman to sell packaged products, in-house funds, wrap fee accounts, and products that have a buy and hold strategy.  This has simply not always worked well for the clients during bear markets. You must have an exit strategy.

Roy believes utilizing a short term trading strategy is the best way to make significant strides in wealth.